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Since the Polaris Slingshot launch, it has focused on engaging users with a distinct mode of transportation. Slingshot is considered a ‘fun’ driving machine that will give an extraordinary and unique experience as you drive it. If you love to make road trips during your vacation and drive your car on a clear and sunny day, renting a Slingshot will give you to another level. 

What to Consider Before Renting A Slingshot 

Similar to any other sort of renting, there are things you should consider before you rent and choose your Slingshot. 

Here are some things you should consider:

1. Type of Slingshot Cars

There is a wide variety of Polaris Slingshots that you can choose for your rent. It will depend on what engine and paddle shifters you prefer and the other specifications, like lighting, details of the vehicle, and power. 

Some types of the innovative three-wheeled ride are:

  • Slingshot S
  • Slingshot SL
  • Slingshot SLR
  • Slingshot R
  • Slingshot Signature LE

2. Driver’s License

You should note that you must have a driver’s license before renting a slingshot. You won’t be able to rent a slingshot if you don’t have a valid driver’s license, as the Slingshot is classified as an automobile.

3. Budget

Renting a Slingshot costs about $500, depending on the type of Slingshot you choose. A $500 deposit is required as you rent the vehicle, but you will also get it back the day you return the Slingshot.

4. Age

To rent one Slingshot car for a fun drive in the town, you should be above the age of 21. You should also have clean driving records before you rent a Slingshot.

Is Slingshot a real car?

With the car-like visual, Slingshots can sometimes be mistaken for a car. However, Slingshots are neither considered a car nor a motorcycle. Slingshot is a three-wheeled vehicle that will restore your passion for driving. It combines both worlds to create an entirely new way to experience the adrenaline of the road below and the sky above.

Slingshot will leave any four-wheel vehicles behind. The looks, sounds, power, and how you can drive it on the road all come with the thrill of renting or purchasing the three-wheel vehicle. 

What to check before you drive your rented Slingshot?

If you have already made up your mind and rented a Slingshot, here are the things you should remember and note before driving your Slingshot:

You Have All The Needed Paperwork

As you arrive to get the Slingshot you rented, ensure you have your driver’s license, a valid credit card, and proof of insurance. You can’t drive your car if you forget your driver’s license. Also, you should have a valid credit card as a guarantee that you can pay for other charges that may come up while you’re renting the Slingshot. 

Carefully Check The Slingshot

Walk around your Slingshot and check for pre-existing damages. You don’t want to be responsible for damages you didn’t cause. Make sure to look outside and inside the Slingshot carefully. Check out for scratches and dents out, and stains on the seat.

Turn On The Slingshot

Since then, Slingshot has had a “full to full” basis; you must ensure that your tank is complete before you start driving. If your tank is full, you must note that you should return the Slingshot with a full tank. You should also check the headlights to see if it’s working and if there are no warning lights.

Adjust All The Things You Need to Adjust

Adjust the seats, mirrors, and whatever else you need to be as secure and comfortable as possible before driving away.

3 Facts About Slingshots

1. The 5-speed Manual Shift Adds More Excitement Than AutoDrive.

Since Slingshots have an engine that produces a broad range and great power, the 5-speed transmission manual shift works better with it than the AutoDrive. The manual transmission offers a rewarding feel and another level of thrill. Additionally, the manual transmission works considerably better with the Slingshot platform.

2. Offers A Unique and Comfortable Driving Experience

Slingshots offer a unique and fun experience with their steering and braking capabilities. The Slingshots go where you point them directly, and don’t oversteer. It also has excellent brakes that can assist you in slowing down quickly after you accelerate. Also, it will reassure you that nothing will go wrong as you go fast with your Slingshot.

3. Some Policies and Requirements Depend on Where You Live

Some states need motorcycle licenses to drive a Slingshot. Additionally, some states require a helmet for protection. Polaris, the maker of Slingshot, recommends you wear a full-face helmet as you move the three-wheel vehicle. Seat belts are also required as a piece of safety equipment.

Other Things You Need to Know

Before you rent or purchase a Slingshot, you need to know some things to enjoy the experience and adventure you’ll get when you’re finally in the driver’s seat. 

These are the different things about Slingshots that you need to know:

How much is the deposit?

Renting a slingshot requires a $500 deposit. You will pay this deposit as you get your rented Slingshot and then have it back once you return it. 

Is there any insurance?

Yes. You are fully insured, and if something goes wrong, the deposit will be utilized as a deductible.

How many miles can I drive per day?

You can drive 100 miles per 24 hours/day on all vehicles.

Can the Slingshot be delivered to my home?

Yes, your Slingshot can be delivered to your home with $25-$50 fees, depending on your location.


Miami Sling is a rental agency you can trust and provide clients with a unique and satisfactory experience. If you want to learn more or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Make your vacation and adventure more fun and unforgettable with a Slingshot! 

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