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Slingshots can be exhilarating, especially if you love driving and you’re looking for new ways to have some thrill while on the road. Often seen as a combination of a motorcycle and a car, the slingshot is a three-wheel vehicle that leaves you with a rushing sensation and adrenaline.

This unique type of vehicle is sometimes questioned on whether or not it is drivable around the streets. With this vehicle’s fun and enjoyable factor, it’s a ride that any avid driver should try. This article will discuss if slingshot vehicles are safe enough to drive out on the streets.

What are Slingshot Vehicles?

Slingshots are a vehicle that offers any legally aged driver a thrill that will make them enjoy driving even more. While looking like a hybrid of a motorcycle and a car, this vehicle is in a class of its own by being a three-wheeled automobile. With that, slingshots offer a unique driving experience that lets you enjoy the feeling of the wide roads and winds.

These vehicles are built without a roof, doors, and side windows. It has a steering wheel that can tilt and a waterproof interior. The rims of slingshots depend on the model type, with some rims smaller than others. Like other vehicles, slingshots feature gas pedals, shifters, and brake and clutch pedals. These aspects make the slingshot seem like a car and motorcycle.

Are Slingshots Considered a Motorcycle?

While the three-wheeled automobile is similar to a motorcycle, the slingshot is not classified as this type of vehicle. The slingshot is federally categorized as a three-wheeled motorcycle instead, with most states labeling this vehicle as an “autocycle.” For this reason, a valid driver’s license is needed to be able to drive a slingshot.

Safety of Slingshot Vehicles

In terms of safety, there are certain requirements before being able to drive a slingshot. For instance, it is recommended to wear a full-faced helmet, which is DOT-approved. Alongside this, it is important to note that different states have varying requirements for safety and license and helmet types. The use of helmets makes it seem like a motorcycle, but this is because of the body type a slingshot possesses.

This vehicle does not have side windows, doors, and a roof like a motorcycle. It’s only natural that full-faced helmets are needed for a driver to be able to use a slingshot. For added safety, several states require a driver’s license to ensure that the driver is skilled enough to drive any vehicle.

Since the slingshot is defined federally as a three-wheeled vehicle, it’s not obligated to meet an auto’s safety measures. But, drivers are still subject to traffic laws. Like any other automobile, drivers should prioritize safety and drive cautiously by following traffic rules and regulations.

Are Slingshots Legal to Drive on Streets?

One of the largest concerns regarding slingshots is the safety of using these vehicles and whether or not it is legal to drive out on the streets. People interested in trying out slingshots for themselves are curious about the safety of this vehicle. With that, safety regulations vary from the type of vehicle, including the slingshot.

Regarding safety features, the slingshot is not classified as a motorcycle in every state, meaning it falls into an autocycle. This classification differs from motorcycles because it has features similar to cars, like steering wheels and pedals. Because it is under this category, the safety features included in a slingshot aren’t the same as a car and a motorcycle.

Safety equipment like driver-assist features, airbags, backup cameras, and other things aren’t required for a slingshot. But, some models of slingshots offer backup cameras. Even without airbags, this vehicle still offers seatbelts, ABS, roll bars, and traction control, providing adequate safety.

Besides the safety features included in the vehicle, it is recommended that drivers wear motorcycle jackets that have airbag features. This isn’t necessarily required, but it can add an extra layer of protection for the driver. As mentioned before, full-faced helmets are also encouraged as this can help the person’s safety.

Are Slingshots Safe?

Despite the safety features slingshots provide, some people still worry about the vehicles’ overall safety. But when compared to a motorcycle, slingshots are somewhat safer since they offer better coverage, and the structure also reduces the amount of wind received. Alongside this, the roll bars and traction control protect the rider.

Since slingshots are driven only with a license, it shows that this vehicle still brings guaranteed safety as long as the driver is wise and cautious. Just like cars and motorcycles, driving a slingshot needs a calm and careful mind to reduce the chances of accidents.


Slingshots are an exciting alternative to cars and motorcycles where drivers can find a deeper passion for driving. The structure of this vehicle might be unusual, but slingshots still provide layers of security. For slingshot rentals, Miami Sling offers a variety of options to satisfy customer needs.

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