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Do you want to rent a Slingshot Car?  But first, you need to know what it needs before you spend money on it.  Here, you’ll learn what you need to know to rent a Slingshot car and live out your dream. 

Overview of Slingshot Cars

Six years ago, Polaris introduced the Slingshot, a novel mode of transportation.  Indeed, driving it puts you in the spotlight.

A slingshot car is a three-wheeled autocycle with no doors, no roof, and barely enough room for your purse.  Its most extravagant models look like something out of a children’s toy store but cost as much as a brand-new sports car.  Generally, there’s no logical reason to use a sling.  Considering that you want and can afford an adult go-kart, you should rent a Slingshot.

Rental Requirements

Here are the general requirements for renting a slingshot car with Miami Sling: 

  • Driver’s license in good standing
  • Renters must be 21
  • Authorized renters can only use Slingshot
  • Renters agree not to drift, race, or perform burnouts on Slingshots
  • The renter is responsible for medical insurance
  • The rental contract governs all coverage and waivers


Before having a ride with Slingshot, you must have a reservation first. 

  • Slingshot availability affects reservations
  • 150 miles per rental. Overage costs $0.75 per mile
  • A security deposit will be charged to your credit card on a rental day and returned after the Slingshot inspection
  • Credit cards are accepted
  • They do not take Checks in any form
  • Discount codes must be entered at checkout

Security Deposit

The security deposit will be used in case of vehicle or equipment loss or damage.  Generally, the security deposit can cover insurance deductible and rental income loss while Slingshot is being repaired.  The renter gets any excess security.  You are responsible for damages during your rental.

Return/cancellation policies

The following is a list of the policies that pertain to the return or cancellation of a Slingshot car rental.

  • If it rains, you can reschedule
  • After 15 minutes, you’ll be charged if the vehicle isn’t returned on time
  • Initial returns will be charged the total rental fee

Slingshot policies

Before getting on the Slingshot, renters must perform a pre-ride inspection.  Don’t hop on the Slingshot if it’s leaking or has a flat.  Renters are responsible for ensuring the Slingshot is in working order before each use.

  • The Slingshot must pass an inspection before you may ride it
  • Your rental vehicle will come stocked with PREMIUM gasoline
  • Report any mechanical problems as soon as possible
  • Renters of Slingshots are required to do a safety inspection before riding
  • No smoking on the Slingshot
  • You will handle replacement costs and any lost rental income if you misplace the key.
  • Abuse will result in a cost for tire replacement and installation
  • You are required to pay for things like tickets and tolls

Are Slingshots Dangerous?

Like any other vehicle, a Slingshot is as safe or deadly as you make it.  You’re in control while you drive.

It’s a three-wheeled vehicle, and this categorization exempts the Slingshot from numerous crash safety rules.  Only the expensive model has a roof and windscreen, and you’ll hit your head even in higher trim levels unless you’re short. 

The 7.5-inch windscreen is the only window.  For safety, wear a helmet.  Head injuries are the primary reason for severe injuries and deaths involving these vehicles. 

Seatbelts are mandatory.  You may also wish to wear eye protection against wind, particulates, and debris.  Florida requires sunglasses, anyhow.

Quick and robust Slingshot.  Standard keyless ignition lets you climb in, push start, and go.  The engine is a 2.4-liter, 173-hp GM Ecotec.  You may drive faster than you realize.  This isn’t a gocart; you’re on real roads with traffic.  No airbags or roof, so watch your speedometer in the rain.

Generally, it is safer than a motorcycle.  More vehicles surround you, and the bodywork deflects wind.  Traction control and roll bars are included.

Driving the Polaris Slingshot is a matter of personal comfort.  Don’t ride or go if you don’t feel safe.  It’s not dangerous, though.  Slingshot driving takes care and a specialized approach.  Driving a Slingshot is all about its openness compared to a car.  Like bikes and old cars, that means sacrificing some safety features.

How to Take Your Slingshot Out on the Road

Slingshots are considered motorcycles; you must wear a helmet and register your vehicle like a motorcycle.  It also means Slingshot’s safety systems are less robust than a car or truck.  Inform those who ride Slingshots.

  1. Driving a Slingshot requires a G-class driver’s license or an A, B, C, D, E, or F license.  Before letting anyone go, check their license.  Drivers must be at the right age to start the licensing procedure and typically need two years to get their G-class support.
  2. Slingshots are sometimes called TVs.  Engine, three wheels, pedals, seatbelts, and steering wheel are standard, and TVs don’t have airbags.  Plan to stay safe when using your Slingshot.
  3. Slingshot drivers must use helmets and seatbelts.
  4. Slingshot drivers can’t carry newborns or little toddlers.
  5. If allows three-wheeled vehicles are permanent, registration, insurance, and safety requirements may change.

Polaris Slingshot Mileage

A Polaris Slingshot can last for more than 70,000 miles as long as it is well-maintained, appropriately stored, and driven safely.  Polaris Slingshots with more than 70,000 miles on them have never had a significant problem.

Should a helmet be required to drive a Polaris Slingshot?

Always use your Slingshot with a full-face helmet that satisfies safety regulations.  The U.S. and Canada approve certain helmets.  DOT label, shown below.  Additionally, some places need helmet use.


When renting a Polaris Slingshot, be safe.  So you can drive without any scary consequences.

The Slingshot is unique among open-air, three-wheeled roadster vehicles.  Gather like-minded people at a local Slingshot club and arrange a test drive.  After renting a Slingshot with Miami Sling, you’ll wish you owned it.  Visit Miami Sling and start living the dream!

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